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((IC askblog for Sollux and Mituna Captor from the webcomic Homestuck. The views and opinions expressed herein in no way represent those of the official characters, or of Andrew Hussie himself.

Will be updated sporadically!

By Flipsidered ))
May 12 '13

(I can’t draw, so take this horrible little thing as fanwork for this blog. I tried to keep the chronological order the most accurate I could.)

Tonight was not going well. It had started out decently- Kanaya was actually a wonderful dancer when she tried, but they’d only taken a few dances together, and to be honest, Sollux sort of had two left feet. Damara got way too close and definitely made him uncomfortable, not to mention dipped him almost eight times in a single song. Still, the punch tasted pretty good- even when the blueberry and strawberry were mixed together, although it made a nasty purple in his cup. Things started going downhill approximately when FF started dancing with that asshole Cronus. They didn’t even know him that well! Well, Sollux avoided him anyway. Maybe FF dealt with him better than most, who knew. It took a lot of punch to help Sollux ignore what was going on, but when he tried to stand up to get back on the floor, he almost tripped on a cup and practically fell into Gamzee’s arms. The music pulsed around them both as Gamzee nodded, helping Sollux move around and get him back into the beat.

After the song ended and Gamzee left, Karkat wandered over. He was wearing an ear piercing that actually looked cool on him, and Sollux leaped at the chance to have a new partner. His head was still a little spinny, but he could dance it off, right? He grabbed KK’s hands and started twirling him around. He seemed a little frantic with wide eyes and trying to pull Sollux’s hand off his waist, but Sollux barely noticed- or didn’t care.

"This song’s terrible, you’re terrible, and worst of all, you’re trashed!" Karkat hissed into his ear, attempting to wriggle out of Sollux’s death grip as the gemini hugged his friend tightly.

"No, you’re trathhed!” Sollux hiccuped, but reluctantly let Karkat go. The troll pulled away quickly, looking at Sollux with a little confusion and a lot of anger as he practically stomped away.

Sollux had about thirty seconds to look around for someone else to dance with (or somewhere to sit down, because man did his head hurt, dancing hadn’t helped at ALL) before he heard ‘outta the way, losers!’ (that voice was so familiar and so weird at the same time, who was it?) and his head exploded and he slammed into the floor. 

"Sorry Sollux! Oh my god!" That was Tavros. The cool, smooth surface just off the dancefloor felt good against his cheek. Sollux’s half-lidded eyes took in Tavros staring back at him with apology in his wide eyes. The coldness creeping in through his face seemed to snap Sollux back to his senses. He turned slightly, the movement making his brain snap and a twinging pain flutter down his spinal cord. It planted his face firmly on the floor, and that was where he very well wanted to be right now, thank you very much. Were those- yep. footsteps. Wonderful.

"Thollux! Get up!" Oh, Mituna was here. Sollux certainly never wanted his dancestor to see him like this. Mituna was usually the one on the floor for one reason or another, not Sollux… 

"No." The answer was short. Blunt and easy. 

"Thollux! Get off the floor you-"

"Nope." He paused. "Fuck you, Mituna." Well, THAT set him off. Sollux heard a thump behind him, before Mituna launched into one of usual rants that practically were just yelling random sounds with the occasional insult thrown in. There were quite a few ‘Fuck you’s’, along with ‘shitlicking pile of’- wait, was that…?

Yep. ED and FF were dancing about two feet from Sollux’s head, and there he was, on the floor with his dancestor on a tantrum and a drunken flush on his cheeks. Could this get any worse? No, wait, don’t even ask that. He knew asking that only made things worse, every fuckin’ time.

"Wwell wwell, nevver thought I’d see somefin like this." There was a pause, and Sollux could practically see the smug grin on ED’s face. God, he wanted to hit him. "Sol finally found his true porpoise in life grovelin’ like the loww blood he is." 


"ERIDAN!" Feferi yelled as Sollux planted his palms on the floor and shoved himself up to his knees, standing and grabbing Eridan’s tie to yank himself up the rest of the way. He pulled the snobby seadweller closer to his face as he leaned forward.

"THAY THAT AGAIN, YOuuu~" Sollux started to growl, but his stomach chose that moment to violently rebel against him and his voice warbled on the last word. 

Ugh, bad idea, shoulda stayed down… Sollux’s knees buckled and he slid down, still gripping Eridan’s tie for dear life.

"Sol, I swear, if you don’t get your mitts offa me-” Sollux felt Eridan’s words through the other’s chest as he sunk down lower, letting go of the tie as he finally lost everything in his stomach on Eridan’s shoes. He was clinging to ED’s waist, but he barely cared anymore- everything felt awful and yet somehow better at once, mainly his stomach. There was no way his pride was leaving this room intact, because it was coming out his mouth in an acidic wave.

Sollux hoped it stained Eridan’s shoes.

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